Cleanings and Oral Exams in New York

Professional cleaning of the oral cavity is a whole complex of special therapeutic and preventive measures aimed at preventing diseases due to high-quality cleaning of surfaces from the appearance of dental deposits.

What are Cleanings and Oral Exams?

This important procedure allows you to keep a radiant smile and the health of your teeth and gums. The course is performed by a hygienist or dentist using modern methods and tools. Qualified dentists will carry out the procedure carefully, painlessly, and at a convenient time for the patient. After all, even the most thorough home oral care cannot replace the effective hardware available to iSmile Dental specialists in New York.

Even daily proper care of teeth with home remedies does not give one hundred percent cleansing from plaque. Mineralized layers and food change the shade of enamel. Food particles continue accumulating and create an environment for the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. This can cause carious lesions and other dental diseases, threatening inflammation of the soft tissues and leading to loosening and teeth loss. Professional oral hygiene provides a thorough removal of deposits from all hard-to-reach surfaces and the prevention of dental diseases, returning aesthetics to a smile.

Timely regular cleaning is the most effective means of preventing caries, pulpitis, and other oral cavity diseases. The primary purpose of this procedure is to free dental surfaces from soft and hard formations. Having removed plaque, the dentist sees tooth lesions hiding under the deposits at an early stage and can make the correct diagnosis on time.

In addition, dental and oral hygiene has a positive effect on the health of the whole organism. But first of all, it is:

strong teeth;

- prevention of periodontal diseases and organs of the gastrointestinal tract;

- destruction of pathogenic microorganisms in the mouth;

- restoration of healthy enamel color;

fresh breath.

Doctors strongly recommend professional teeth cleaning for coffee lovers, strong tea, smokers, and people with weakened immune systems.

Competently conducted dental hygiene can be a preparatory stage in treating dental diseases. Thanks to the procedure, the shade of the filling material is more correctly selected, and the seal itself is guaranteed to last longer due to more accurate installation.

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Indications for professional dental hygiene

Cleaning is prescribed as an element of complex therapy of periodontitis (periodontal disease, pulpitis) or as a prevention of the appearance of caries and other diseases of the teeth and gums.

Professional teeth cleaning involves several activities. The technique is selected personally based on the practicality of the cleaning method. After examination at a consultation with a dentist, the patient has been prescribed a set of necessary procedures that help prevent dental diseases. Doctors of the iSmile Dental clinic carry out hygienic procedures of the oral cavity in both traditional and innovative ways. Polishing of dental surfaces is carried out with the help of a special paste. A combination of methods is used to achieve the best result for the patient.

Chewing habits and bite features contribute to the formation of mineralized deposits in places inaccessible to home remedies, especially from the inner surface of the teeth or when they are crowded in a row. However, for high-quality cleaning in the dentist's office, the inaccessibility of places is not a problem. The procedure begins with an examination that reveals the presence and type of deposits and the condition of the periodontal tissues. This is followed by antiseptic treatment of the oral cavity and the cleaning itself.

Doctors also conduct fluoridation and remineralizing therapy to strengthen tooth enamel. The result is achieved by applying fluoride-containing pastes and preparations with calcium. Trace elements penetrate the thinning enamel, saturating and strengthening it. The mineral composition of the enamel is normalized, and the surface becomes stronger and more resistant to acids. Procedures serve as an excellent prevention of caries and reduce the sensitivity of the teeth. Depending on the state of the enamel, remineralization, as a maintenance therapy, is recommended to be carried out in a course and periodically repeated. Our patients appreciated the service and made sure that we have:

-  High-quality services for comprehensive professional oral hygiene are provided using patented, effective and safe methods and certified drugs;

-  Treatment is guaranteed to be of high quality and as comfortable as possible;

Experienced specialists will competently advise on all issues and give recommendations;

- Each patient will be heard and served to take into account the characteristics of health and wishes;

- Professional oral hygiene procedure is affordable;

- The clinic works without problems with insurance companies, providing dental services according to the policy.

The convenient location of the clinic in New York, reasonable cost, and simple way of making an appointment for a consultation facilitate access to a range of services for professional oral hygiene.

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The duration of the teeth cleaning procedure is one hour at maximum (it depends on the degree of contamination of the teeth).

Contraindications to ultrasonic cleaning of teeth:

 wearing implants;

 the presence of various orthopedic structures in the oral cavity;

 heart rhythm disturbance;

 some chronic diseases of internal organs.

The duration of the teeth cleaning procedure is one hour at maximum (it depends on the degree of contamination of the teeth).

Contraindications to ultrasonic cleaning of teeth:

 wearing implants;

 the presence of various orthopedic structures in the oral cavity;

 heart rhythm disturbance;

 some chronic diseases of internal organs.

Ultrasound removes hard tartar from the surface and under the gums but does not cope with pigmented plaque. Air Flow, on the contrary, effectively fights the smoker’s plaque and traces of tea and coffee but does not remove tartar.

Professional teeth cleaning is necessary when tartar and hard plaque accumulate on the enamel. Removing it yourself at home is difficult. If you ignore the problem – there is a high risk of provocation of caries and inflammation of the gums.

Sensitivity goes away within 1-2 weeks if you use special toothpaste or liquids that cover the teeth. But for severe pain, be sure to consult your periodontist.

Whitening is a cosmetic procedure, thanks to which you can change your shade of tooth enamel to a given number of tones. – There is both home whitening and in the dentist’s office. Cleaning helps prevent various diseases of the oral cavity, including caries.

With insufficient oral hygiene, plaque accumulates on the teeth, which hardens over time. It not only spoils the appearance of the teeth but also creates terrible breath and leads to severe diseases.

If you do not brush your teeth, there is an increase in the number of various microorganisms in the oral cavity. They will begin to secrete acids that will gradually destroy the enamel. Next, the infection will penetrate the tooth, and caries will begin.

As a rule, dentists recommend professional oral hygiene procedures at least once every six months. Although, the regularity of visits may vary depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth.

Before seeing a doctor, brush your teeth with your brush.

This fear has no grounds, as there are no contraindications to ultrasonic cleaning of filled teeth.

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