Dental Crowns & Bridgework in New York

Unfortunately, meeting someone who never faced caries or other tooth problems is rare.

Timely visits to the stomatologist help to avoid problems with teeth. But what to do if the tooth is partially destroyed? When is it removed one or several teeth? In such cases, dentists establish crowns or a bridgework – one of the most reliable prosthetic decisions.

What are Dental Crowns & Bridgework?

The tooth crown is the artificial prosthetic restoring the function of the tooth. At iSmile Dental, doctors use dental crowns to restore partially destroyed teeth.

The bridgework is a tooth-fixed artificial prosthetic consisting of crowns connected among themselves. The average crown completely replaces the absent tooth, and the side - covers sharpened native teeth.

Thanks to modern technologies, our patients do not experience difficulties in using classical technologies - discomfort when taking casts and long production of dentures. We appreciate our patients' time; therefore, we use the equipment which allows us to carry out full prosthetics of an oral cavity for only one patient visit. And computer technologies will enable us to make tooth crowns, bridge-like artificial limbs, and tabs anatomically reliable, excepting a so-called "human factor".

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Indications for installation of Crowns and Bridgework:

  • Abrasion of tooth enamel. It often occurs when the teeth are overloaded. Dental prosthetics with crowns are needed to restore the height of the bite and prevent diseases of the temporomandibular joint.
  • Not carious defeats. Enamel defeats have no esthetic appearance and do not give in to restoration and whitening. Often, the abnormal content of fluorine in drinking water is the reason for such defeats.
  • Injuries of teeth. In cases of physically traumatizing a part of a tooth, for example, during sports activities.
  • Gaps between teeth. In this case, prosthetics with crowns are used as a quick solution to the problem or if there are contraindications for the orthodontist.
  •  Protection of the remained walls of the destroyed tooth, which have had their dental nerves removed and are further restored by sealing material. Over time there are chips.
  • Replacement of already established crowns. For example, the replacement not esthetic metal on more esthetic ceramic crowns, or when under crowns, there is an inflammatory process.
  • The lack of one or several teeth in a row demands the installation of a bridge-like artificial prosthetic. For several reasons, such artificial prosthetics are an excellent alternative to tooth implants when they cannot be established.
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What materials and procedures for installing dental crowns and bridgework in iSmile Dental?

Doctors of iSmile Dental clinic apply ceramics, metals, plastic, or combinations to produce tooth crowns and bridge-like artificial prosthetics. Each type of material has its advantages, but shortcomings are present too; the term of operation of such artificial limbs is from 10 to 20 years.

To install a tooth crown, it is necessary to undergo some procedures. For a start, the doctor does a primary survey of the patient's oral cavity, if necessary, with X-ray diagnostics. Further, professional hygiene of the oral cavity is needed. With defects, diseases of teeth, and gums, the doctor carries out the treatment. After cleaning and possible treatment, the patient undergoes scanning of dentition and gums. Scans are processed on the computer and go to a milling cutter where the crown or dental bridge is made. The artificial limb is baked in the furnace. And finally, it is installed in place of restoration.

You will get the opportunity to smile without hesitation. And most important – you will save healthy teeth from further destruction! Register in reception, and we will choose the artificial limb option most suitable for you on esthetics and cost.

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How much does a Crown & Bridgework cost?

Crown and bridgework are two of the most common procedures used in dental restorations. At iSmile Dental in New York, patients can expect high-quality, customized, and affordable dental services, including crown and bridgework.

The cost of crown and bridgework at iSmile Dental in New York varies based on several factors, including the type of material used, the complexity of the procedure, and the number of teeth involved. During your consultation, your dentist will provide a detailed treatment plan and an estimate of the cost of your crown or bridgework.

At iSmile Dental, the goal is to provide high-quality dental services to patients in a comfortable and friendly environment. The team of dental professionals at iSmile Dental is dedicated to helping patients achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, and they strive to make dental procedures as affordable as possible.

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The crown covers the existing tooth, and the bridgework is used to fill the missing space caused by the loss of one or several teeth.

In modern dental orthopedics, single crowns а better than bridge-like designs.

Term from tooth extraction time before installation prosthetic — from 1 day to 1 — 2 months. The technique of one-stage prosthetics is used in the absence of an oral cavity of inflammatory processes and infections and in good condition of gums, teeth, and bone tissue. 

The maximum service life of a bridge-like design – is ten years and more. Besides, frequent replacement of bridges is not carried out as it can destroy basic teeth.

Different criteria. The esthetics — here wins ceramics; it ideally imitates the natural teeth. In terms of strength and durability, zirconium beats. Price – the most expensive are crowns made of ceramics and zirconium, the cheapest – metal-ceramic.

Theoretically, removable artificial prosthetics can serve 3-5 years and then is subject to replacement. Because of the decreased bone tissue, there is a “sag” of artificial prosthetics. However, the period of use of artificial limbs for each person differs.

The cheapest artificial prosthetics — are metal-plastic, but they are recommended only for temporary use. The price of zirconium crowns is the highest. Designs from non-noble metals have available costs.

The accustoming period to ceramic-metal crowns takes 2-3 days for most people, but it can also extend for 1-2 weeks.

After installing permanent crowns or tabs, you can drink water immediately but eat – after 1.5-2 hours. This is due to the type of prosthesis or glue that is used for fixation.

Bridge-like artificial limbs, their side and contact surfaces, are cleaned in the usual way by a toothbrush with no rigid bristle. For more careful cleaning between gingival grooves and teeth, it is necessary to use dental floss, special interdental brushes, and toothpicks.

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