Teeth Whitening in New York City

Today it is essential to be a successful and happy person. Fundamental to this is health and appearance, especially a confident and beautiful snow-white smile. Teeth whitening is chosen by everyone, not only famous athletes, models, and famous people. It became popular. At iSmile Dental, anyone can whiten their teeth.

About Teeth Whitening

Daily consumption of certain foods with natural and synthetic dyes significantly affects the color of the teeth. Bad habits and improper care are displayed in the condition of the teeth. All this can change the color of the enamel of the teeth.

Yellowness is a common problem among smokers and coffee lovers, but yellow can be a color from birth. The dark color is due to the improper development of dentin due to various factors: taking antibiotics, multiple diseases at an early age and treatment, and a consequence of injuries. Dark plaque is formed due to poor and irregular oral cavity hygiene.

Don't worry. In one hour in iSmile Dental, doctors will help restore the natural whiteness of the teeth with the help of a modern whitening method.

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Non-invasive method of teeth whitening

Doctors iSmile Dental uses safe techniques and a reliable whitening system. They use two types of gel in their work - carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. The system is harmless and painless; the whitening process is comfortable. The time and degree of whitening depend on the condition of the teeth. The composition does not damage the enamel and, does not increase sensitivity, contains components that contribute to its strengthening.

The dentist determines the condition of the teeth and tone on a special scale and finds out what shade the patient wants to receive. The patient is put on protective glasses; the face is covered with a napkin, and only the mouth area remains open. The doctor establishes a retractor, and the gums are treated with a gel that will protect the mucous membrane from lamp radiation. The next step is to illuminate the gel with an LED lamp with a cold blue glow spectrum. After that, remineralization of the teeth is carried out - they are covered to strengthen the enamel.

It is essential that teeth whitening should not be done often; the main thing is to follow the recommendations.

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before and after

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Recommendations after the procedure of teeth whitening

For the result after the teeth whitening procedure to be fixed for a long time, you need to follow the dentist's recommendations. The enamel remains sensitive and unprotected during the first five days after whitening.

It is possible to refrain from eating colored foods and drinks for the longest possible preservation of the effect not only during the first two weeks after teeth whitening but also in the future. The white diet is designed to protect teeth from staining after the whitening procedure in the clinic. Even a high-quality whitening procedure does not pass without a trace of enamel; for some time, it will be especially vulnerable to coloring and irritating substances.

Be sure to use floss to clean dental spaces thoroughly. And it is advised to do this for a few minutes longer than usual. It would help if you also forgot about smoking and whitening toothpaste with abrasive particles.

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Contraindications to teeth whitening

Doctors of iSmile Dental strongly recommend whitening only in the presence of absolutely healthy teeth. With the procedure, you will have to wait for a little or altogether refuse if, during the examination, you find the following symptoms:

  • cracks or microcracks of enamel - many experts do not recommend whitening even after treatment of this pathology;
  •  high abrasion of the surface of the teeth - it is forbidden to whiten; you need to monitor hygiene;
  • prevent yellowness and strengthen the enamel, the presence of caries at any stage - first, it is necessary to carry out treatment, and then choose either whitening (crowns and fillings may remain yellow) or professional cleaning;
  • braces - the mouthguard interferes with the procedure and makes the enamel thinner, so first, it must be removed;
  • stomatitis or genetic predisposition;
  • allergy to the components of the whitening system - in this case, only cleaning can be recommended, which will make the teeth a little lighter;
  • age up to 18 years - do not rush with professional intervention; it is better to try to preserve the natural beauty of the smile as long as possible;
  • pregnancy and feeding the child - you can safely come to the reception in our clinic after your baby is a little older.

If you are not diagnosed with any of the above, the doctors of iSmile Dental are waiting for you to whiten the enamel of your teeth.

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Photobleaching is bleaching based on hydrogen peroxide gel activated by a special LED lamp. This kind of procedure has three types: ultraviolet radiation, halogen, and LED. The latter is considered the best and safest.

The safest way of whitening is professional whitening in the dentist’s office. Aesthetic dentistry is constantly developing and improving existing technologies, so teeth whitening procedures are becoming more effective and, at the same time, safer.

The effect of teeth whitening can last from 1 year to 7 years. Suppose nothing can be done with individual characteristics, like a yellow or grayish shade of enamel. In that case, it is worth working with oral hygiene and habits that directly affect how long teeth whitening lasts.

If you have defects and damage to the enamel, then before whitening, it is necessary to strengthen it. The procedure is not recommended for children under 16 years of age, as they still need to complete the enamel formation process. Also, whitening is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

Take at least three minutes daily to brush each jaw and floss. Visit dentists. Adults will be helped by air-flow or ultrasonic teeth cleaning; children can cover their teeth with sealant. Do not abuse home teeth whitening.

Whitening is a cosmetic procedure, thanks to which you can change your shade of tooth enamel to a given number of tones. There is both home whitening and in the dentist’s office. Cleaning helps prevent various diseases of the oral cavity, including caries.

Doctors recommend professional teeth whitening with thin enamel in stages, choosing gentle methods — for example, laser teeth whitening without harm to the enamel. The procedure has a profound local effect on the dental tissue, lightening the enamel by several tones.

Increased sensitivity of tooth enamel after exposure to whitening compounds is a normal phenomenon. The components in the composition of the drugs penetrate deep into the dentin, opening the dentinal tubules and acting on the pulp. As a result, painful reactions to cold or hot may occur.

No eat scorching, cold, sour, spicy foods.

  • No use of pigmented lipstick.
  • The sharp temperature drop is not allowed in the mouth so that cracks do not form on the enamel.
  • Smoking is not recommended so that the teeth’ enamel does not darken from tobacco smoke.

The aesthetic beauty of a smile gives a person confidence. Healthy teeth and teeth with fillings can and even should be whitened. The only thing to remember is that the fillings must be amenable to bleaching. Therefore, after the whitening course, it is necessary to update the fillings, again selecting them in color to the enamel.

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