Tooth Fillings in New York

The world of attractive people is filled with the best emotions – smiles.  Every day we smile many times when meeting relatives and friends and give smiles to strangers.

Not everyone, alas, can smile broadly without a complex. The reason for this is the unimportant appearance of the teeth. Many external and internal factors can harm and destroy tooth enamel. As a result of the destruction of enamel on the teeth, unaesthetic spots appear, the sensitivity of the teeth increases, the risk of developing caries increases, etc.

What is a Tooth Filling in iSmile Dental?

Dentists of the iSmile Dental clinic successfully work to restore the aesthetic appearance and functionality of decayed teeth. The most famous option is tooth filling. Our doctors' task in the filling is to achieve maximum compliance of the restored tooth with its natural form. Also, this method allows you to repair the tooth while maintaining its shade and functionality. In addition, modern fillings prolong the life of teeth, provide them with additional protection against caries, and reduce the sensitivity of enamel.

At the reception, the doctor conducts an examination and, if necessary, prescribes additional X-ray diagnostics. If there is a need, the patient is given an injection of the drug for local anesthesia. With the help of a drill, the specialist removes damaged tissues and prepares the tooth for filling. Next, etching and drying are carried out before applying the filling material. And finally, the final giving of the filling is a shape that repeats the tooth's natural shape and smoothness.

You can also put a filling on a de-pulped tooth (without a dental nerve). In this case, the treatment is carried out in 2 stages, and the restoration (permanent filling) is carried out with a positive result of endodontic treatment.

The efficiency and aesthetics of filling today result from the development of innovative materials to manufacture fillings. Different materials for fillings are used depending on the nature and volume of tooth decay, aesthetic, strength, and other requirements in dentistry.

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Why is it worth making a Dental Filling in our clinic?

Correctly assessing the condition of the patient's tooth and determining the best option for its restoration can only be done by an experienced doctor. And from the point of view of a specialist, a good repair is, first of all, a high-quality restoration performed in compliance with technology and allows you to extend the life cycle of the tooth for many more years. Doctors at the iSmile Dental clinic in New York are successfully doing this.

A highly professional staff of specialists, high-quality materials from leading manufacturers known worldwide for their unique developments, and modern high-tech equipment of dental offices are the main components of the work of the iSmile Dental clinic, which allow us to provide patients with service at the level of the highest standards.

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Advantages of Tooth Filling:

Rapid tooth restoration.

The ability to choose a shade of material that perfectly matches the color of the patient’s natural teeth.

Safety, hypoallergenic, aesthetics, excellent adhesion, and durability of modern materials for direct repair.

Minimal intervention can keep the tooth alive and extend its service life.

How much is a tooth filling?

The cost of a tooth filling at iSmile Dental in New York will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of filling material used, the size and location of the filling, and the severity of the damage to the tooth. Patients are encouraged to speak with our dentists to discuss their specific needs and budget to determine the best course of action for their dental health.


For an hour, refrain from eating. You can not try to file or fix the fill yourself. Give excessive chewing loads on the tooth.

No. Even if the caries are deep enough or the nerve needs to be removed to treat the tooth, dentists use local anesthesia, which completely anesthetizes the tooth. And if the caries is shallow, its treatment can be carried out without anesthesia – there will be no pain.

They are formed between the filling and dentin if during the filling, the doctor did not altogether remove the damaged tissue, did not clean the cavity, or if the filling did not fit the tooth tissue tightly enough. Some materials for filling dental canals contain substances that can stain dentin.

The longer a person walks without a filling, the worse the consequences will be. Seals serve to close the channels, and without them, they will be open; it is urgent to return them to their place. Bacteria will get directly into the jaw, and periodontitis will develop – inflammation of the tissues inside the jaw.

The first symptom of the impending loss of the filling may be discomfort while chewing – an unpleasant feeling of “sand on the teeth”. Micro gaps between the filling compound and the tooth accumulate food residues, which also cause discomfort.

Filling of teeth takes from 40 to 90 minutes. The price of a tooth filling depends on the quality of the material from which it is made, as well as the service life: the filling can be temporary and permanent.

Generally, caring for teeth with fillings is the standard way: daily brushing of teeth twice a day – in the morning before breakfast and the evening after all meals. Rinsing the mouth with water and flush to cleanse after eating in the area of filled teeth.

Fillings are recommended to be changed on average once every five years. Some can last ten years. But even those made of durable, high-quality compounds need to be replaced after a while. The filling’s service life depends on the composition, the characteristics of a particular case, and the specialist’s qualifications.

Ceramics. Solid, aesthetic, durable material. Ceramic fillings are made in the laboratory and installed on the prepared tooth. They exactly repeat their anatomical shape, do not shrink, and look like their own enamel.

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